83 years ago, the Battle of Britain reached its peak as the Luftwaffe launched two waves of attacks against London.  The RAF successfully repelled this assault, with the battle eventually ending on 31st October 1940.

The 15 September 1940 was officially named Battle of Britain Day as it was the day when RAF Fighter Command claimed what proved to be a decisive victory over the German Luftwaffe. Every year cadets from 858 Squadron and our colleagues 378 Mannock Squadron in Wellingborough gather to commemorate when “The Few” turned the tide of World War 2.

In this years celebrations the cadets marched from the Squadron to St Peters church in Rushden where we joined the local Royal Air Force Association Branch and the local church congregation in a service of rememberance. This year due to the Squadron Commander being absent on duty, the Squadron was were led by Squadron Leader Sean Kelly from Wing Headquarters.

Sqn Ldr Kelly said “Every year we gather to commerorate the few, who gallantly defended our shores and way of life. Every year the cadets represent the whole of Rushden, the Corps, the Royal Air Force and themselves in giving thanks for those who paid such a heavy price for freedom. I’m extremely proud of the cadets”